#Sales, #marketing, #human resources development, work processes, strategies: Especially in the last 3-5 years the change through #digitalization #newwork #geny #climatechange etc. can hardly be slowed down. At the same time the pressure on the mind increases. Those who don’t want to burn out their employees must act as quickly as possible. So far, no one can predict where everything is heading. There are many theories, theses and visions and everyone represents them with credible argumentation…which cannot be proven.

Change makes ill

But there is one thing we should keep in mind besides the enormous change pressure. The mental health of employees. „The volume of absenteeism due to psychological diagnoses has risen by almost 70 percent in the past decade. (Source: Statista). In the same way that we should no longer approach marketing and sales with the standards of 10 years ago, we can no longer take the performance of our employees for granted to the same extent. Perhaps we are opposed to accepting that the rethinking is greater than it fits the comfort zone. There is no stopping it. What can we do? Mitigate the side effects and accompany people instead of repressing them, accepting psychological damage or even disrespectfully devaluing people, because they cannot easily cope with the demands.

Psycho is in

The responsibility of the company management for the inner attitude, the emotional state and the resilience of the employees is so enormous that normal HR development measures are no longer sufficiently effective. #Coaching, #training, #health management etc. are of course necessary. What we also need are managers who a) are mentally fit and b) have the ability to coach others. Not only with agreements, feedback, delegation, strength-oriented distribution of tasks or employee appraisals. It goes much further. I’m talking about #caretaking on a very personal, deep level. You may find this uncomfortable, because „in the past“ it was frowned upon to talk about oneself and especially one’s own weaknesses and emotions during work. We no longer have a choice, at the latest, when we end up having to cope with epidemic depression losses.

Balance is when the leadership is relaxing

Perfectionism, high-flying goals, lust before dislike, compulsion to optimize, laser-sharp career striving…..all these, so far quite normal, life attitudes and attitudes to the working day are now sources of danger. Who does not pay attention, burns faster. #Depression, #burnout or #personality disorders are not only part of everyday life in hospitals, they are omnipresent. That’s why you need a boss who is there and catches his people before they leave the window. This is not witchcraft. Almost everyone can learn to support others and with certain methods to avoid the dangers for the mind, with themselves and especially with fellow human beings. If we stand up for each other together, we remain healthy and sustainably happy and efficient. In addition, we not only help employees and colleagues, but also build a basis for healthy relationships and well-being in our private environment. Then we turn the tables and go to #change with a smile.

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