What type of executive are you?


  • You are so likeable that your employees want to stand out positively.
  • You communicate offensively when you find something good.
  • You do not differentiate between employees.
  • You are fair, just and listen to arguments, even if you disagree.
  • You welcome feedback, criticism and suggestions for improvement.
  • You are attentive and listen conspicuously well.
  • You can be incredibly convincing and inspiring.
  • You can flexibly change your point of view and put yourself in the position of an employee.
  • You follow a straight line and focus on a common mission and strategy.
  • You do not make any exceptions for yourself.


  • You request daily status reports.
  • You always have the main speaking share, decide for yourself, do not take employee opinions for granted.
  • You often criticize without further explanation.
  • You often use the phrase „I expect from you…“.
  • You strictly separate professional and private matters.
  • You primarily focus on your KPIs.
  • In meetings you present the figures right at the beginning.
  • You tend to ask few questions and rarely listen to the end.
  • „Must“ is one of your frequently used verbs.
  • You break out into activity when requirements are made from above.
  • You speak a lot in general terms, like „I know, you will make it.“… „It’s just like that and no discussion.“
  • Problems with the implementation „at the base“ interest you little. You don’t have time for it.

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